No Shame in Rob Ford’s Game

131115123015-03-rob-ford-horizontal-galleryToronto Mayor, Rob Ford, has no shame in his game when it comes to admitting that he smoked crack.

After 5 long months, Ford admitting to smoking crack cocaine over a year ago.  Ford told officials that the incident first happened during one of his “drunk stupors.” Ford said that he would have told reporters much earlier that he had smoked crack if they would have asked him the right questions. “If someone would have said, came up to me and said, ‘Have you ever smoked crack? Have you ever smoked weed? I would have said, ‘Yeah, I have,’ ” Ford said. “But when you come and accuse me of being a crack addict and say, ‘Do you smoke crack?’ No I don’t. Have I? Yeah, OK. Have I drank, have I acted like an idiot when I drank? Yeah, I did.”

Toronto’s City Council has tried making Mayor Rob Ford step down but have been unsuccessful.  Despite being unable to take away total control of Ford, they are voting to delegate duties not assigned by statute to the mayor which would strip Ford of most of his responsibilities.

Ford was elected in 2010 for a 4 year term and if possible does want to run again.  He believes that being human it is possible to make mistakes and that the people of Toronto should forgive him for that.

Rob Ford added, “My specialty is taking care of people that have been totally ignored their whole life, and I’m not going to stop doing it.”



3 thoughts on “No Shame in Rob Ford’s Game

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